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The extra bed for children under 12 is not charged

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Winter closure: reopening 28 April 2023

Babiwi and Studio by Petit Vip

Creative workshops and fun activities. At the Hôtel Le Royal La Baule and the Hôtel L'Hermitage La Baule, children are pampered.

Babiwi Club

From 10 weeks to 5 years old

Babiwi is an area designed with your smallest children in mind. An expert team provides year-round activities designed to stimulate and develop curiosity. Your child can eat, nap, play and participate in activities adapted to its age and interests.

  • Per hour: €12 / From the 4th hour: €10 per hour

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  • Babiwi is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11.00 a.m. to 5.15 p.m., by reservation with the Conciergerie

Studio by petit vip

From 4 to 12 years : 

Surrounded by a specially trained teaching team, children reveal their talents and learn about the 10 major arts at the Studio by Petit Vip at the Hôtel L'Hermitage. At the "Studio by Petit VIP", children enjoy innovative, stimulating and eco-friendly workshops, some of which are in foreign languages, and a unique insight into art. From sculpture to photography, from tableware to French etiquette, from music to comics and the 7th art. Parents and children will have the opportunity to stage their desires, compose their soundtrack, their clip, dance, mime, make-up, sing, cook, phosphorate, or simply rest! They will learn how to make a kite, or take part in a reinvented sandcastle competition...

  • Le Studio by Petit VIP - L'Hermitage

  • Free entry

  • Open from the beginning of April 2023.