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Explore Deauville’s invigorating beach and countryside. The Hotel Le Royal will lend you a bicycle free of charge for the duration of your stay, inviting guests to discover the Côte Fleurie's charms at leisure – a modern yet romantic journey.

Feel the salty air in your hair. Admire the luminous colours in the landscapes of the wooded Normandy countryside. Stop in front of a sunset which sets the sea ablaze, or venture out on around 550km of greenway trails criss-crossing Normandy, enjoying them at your own pace. The Hotel Le Royal Deauville bicycle loan service offers delightful yet simple pleasures. This is not just luxury; this is happiness.

  • Hôtel Barrière Le Royal Deauville

  • Information available from the concierge.

  • To discover Deauville, explore the region’s charms, or simply to go to the beach, nothing beats a bike ride. The Hotel offers free bike hire during your stay.