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Le Carl Gustaf

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Against a backdrop of the green Normandy countryside, enjoy red armchairs and carpet with accents of English style, as well as a brown bar and brown Belle Epoque picture frames. This softly harmonious setting presents a great Calvados selection.

Relax on the terrace during warm weather. Enjoy a 180° panorama over the Bay of the Seine. Warm up in winter in the highly British atmosphere of the indoor lounge. A Bloody Mary, Mojito, or Mai Tai... all the classic cocktails are on the menu alongside an impressive whisky and champagne selection – delicious beverages, to enjoy in moderation, accompanied by refined tapas. Calvados, the star of the region, features in long drinks and prestigious after-dinner liqueurs. As a family, sample crepes or waffles with a fragrant tea or hot chocolate for a delicious afternoon interlude. The Green bar can be enjoyed throughout the day.