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Winter closure: reopening 28 April 2023



The Barrière Spirit champions a development model that respects humanity, the environment and local economies. Helping to create the world of the future and taking on a corporate social responsibility approach are at the heart of our concerns. Our 360° ethical approach unites the social, economic and environmental dimensions around five themes: Governance & Dialogue, Customer Relations, Responsible Employer, Environment, and Local Development. Barrière has chosen the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidance standard to spearhead its approach, and its ambitious objectives go beyond sustainable development, by placing men and women at the heart of the thought process and its corporate actions.

A key player in the world of sustainable and responsible tourism, Barrière’s commitment to protecting the environment is based on the following five approaches:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Guaranteeing healthy establishments and improving sustainable construction
  • Preserving biodiversity
  • Promoting a circular economy
  • Reducing, re-using, and recycling our waste.
  • Encouraging responsible eating by developing menus that are “Good for the Climate”, using local produce...

Planète Barrière

  • Metropolitan France
  • Morocco
  • New York
  • Saint-Barth

Energy Management

Responsible Consumption

By carefully managing our lighting, water and heating facilities, as well as using renewable energy, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint.

Preserving biodiversity

Waste sorting

Les Neiges takes an active role in waste sorting, recycling and re-using. The aim is to reduce our impact on the environment through concrete actions taken on a daily basis.

CSR training

Every season, our team members are trained in sustainable development measures. Our sustainable development manager takes on the role of ambassador, helping to speed up the approach and its actions.

Spa Diane Barrière

Biologique Recherche

Looking after the environment is an important part of our products’ life cycle, from the provision of raw materials to the end of a product’s life.

Kid's Club

STUDIO by Petit Vip

Les Neiges is keen to make children aware about the local fauna and flora. Through workshops and games, our young guests will learn more about our fragile ecosystem, and how we can take care of it.


Encouraging diversity

Male-Female equality

Through its Diversity policy, Barrière aims to ensure professional equality between men and women, in terms of training, salaries and promotions.

Developing potential


Career growth and development are core values to our HRs approach. Les Neiges intends to give each employee the means to fulfil their professional project, and to further advance their career.

Employee well-being

Emotional experience

With a very intense winter season and a harsh climate, a pleasant environment to live and relax in is essential to the well-being of each team member.