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Play Like a Parisian

The Spirit of Fouquet's

Legendary. Since 1899, Le Fouquet’s reflects a state of mind, a lifestyle, an intensely Parisian sense of celebration. It’s from this skillful combination of glamour and refinement that the Spirit of Fouquet’s draws its essence. Daring. Decades of expertise to bring you the very finest way of enjoying life. All sprinkled with a touch of abandon, the little “je-ne-sais-quoi” that gives life its flavor and forges memories, eternally, infinitely. Scintillating. Like champagne bubbles, the Eiffel Tower that illuminates the Parisian night and makes eyes sparkle. Fouquet’s hotels and brasseries have always celebrated joie de vivre and well-being, effervescence, and festivity. Vibrant. With passion and fervor, Le Fouquet’s masters the art of emotion to make hearts beat faster. A little, a lot, passionately. Striving to create the most beautiful experiences, with every moment.



Collection Fouquet’s comprises elegant addresses located in the most vibrant cities, where it’s all happening. Properties celebrating the world of the Arts and French art de vivre. Enchanting places with an air of exclusivity in your favorite destinations.

Fouquet's Paris


  • Hôtel
  • Brasserie

For over 120 years, Fouquet's embodies the Parisian spirit on the world’s most beautiful avenue. A rendez-vous for artists and fashionable Parisian society, the hotel and brasserie symbolize the luxury of today; an ode to life’s joys.

Fouquet's NY

New York

  • Hôtel
  • Brasserie

The Hotel is now open! A Parisian soul, a New York accent. In the heart of Manhattan, Le Fouquet’s has settled in the highly prized Tribeca neighborhood. The hearts of the Hotel and brasserie beat as one, promising elegant conviviality and exceptional experiences.

Brasserie Fouquet's Dubai


  • Brasserie

Located in the heart of downtown with a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa, Brasserie Fouquet's embodies Parisian chic and elegance in a city where everything is possible. Le Fouquet's is the new place to be in Dubai!

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

  • Brasserie

In the majestic setting of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the legendary Brasserie Fouquet’s raises French art de vivre to a work of art. On the sun-drenched terrace, facing the vast blue of the Persian Gulf, embark on a stunning gastronomic journey.


Our other brasseries

  • Brasserie

Nestling within Barrière's hotels in Courchevel, St Barths and Cannes, Brasseries Fouquet’s offer the very finest gourmet adventure. In destinations as fascinating as they are exclusive, Parisian gastronomy exudes generosity and creativity.

Fouquet's Edito

The essence of Paris

Once upon a time on the Champs-Elysées... Le Fouquet’s was born in the vibrant heart of the City of Light, and went on to become an essential address; the most elegant of bywords. In each hotel and brasserie, Collection Fouquet’s radiates a typically Parisian identity, the perfect alchemy between culture and effervescence, history and French elegance, style and glamour.

Fouquet's Edito

A family home

The soul of Collection Fouquet’s shines through its heritage and the charm it exudes. More than 120 years of expertise and excellence that continues to forge the reputation of Fouquet’s establishments. The warm, inviting, restorative atmosphere of a family home which welcomes you to spend time. The enveloping comfort of our hotels and brasseries, intimate retreats, parentheses of enchantment. Isn’t feeling instantly at home the real luxury?

Fouquet's Edito

Exception gatherings

Since the very opening of Le Fouquet’s, the worlds of art and glamour have always been guests at the party! For a gala dinner or preview showing, a cultural event, anniversary or birthday, our hotels and brasseries are at the heart of every celebration. Exclusive, daring, and surprising, the Spirit of Fouquet’s is embodied in all our events. In Paris and throughout the world, join Collection Fouquet’s at the heart of the festivities.

About the World of Fouquet’s