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The extra bed for children under 12 is not charged

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Winter closure: reopening 28 April 2023

Travel agents - Hôtels Barrière

Your guarantees: the same commission rate for all the hotels and centralised payment for all rates in the agency's requested currency.

Commission rate

10% commission on all room rate only and B&B rates throughout the year in all the hotels. Also valid for all packages (i.e. accommodation and accompanying services) available on our website.

Thanks to our partnership with WPS, we guarantee you:

  • Centralised and rapid payment in the currency of your choice;
  • Payments by electronic transfer within 45 days following your client's stay;
  • Personalised payments according to the agency's instructions: minimum amount to receive, centralised payments, chosen payment method, and the most convenient option for you to receive the reports.

Discover the brochure about our establishments

View the brochure online for more information about our establishments, including details about accommodation, dining and leisure offers at the various hotels.

  • Click here to download the descriptive brochure about our establishments.

You will find below the GDS Codes for all the Barrière hotels: