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Winter closure: reopening 28 April 2023

Take the opportunity of your stay to rejuvenate your body and spirit
thanks to the brand new Wellness Concierge Service(1) now included in your booking !
The Wellness Concierge Service offers a sporting activities program and a personalized coaching which promise to turn your stay into a healthy break. 

Individual coaching
At the resort, your sport assistant provides you with advice and keep you informed about the sport and wellness activities available at the resort. Look for the trainer shaped pins on his shirt!

Sporting activities program
Train your mental agility, increase your flexibility, open your chakras or burn calories…
Put on your sneakers and take part in the 3 courses running throughout the day:
Pilates, cardio or relaxation… these outdoor activities will invigorate your holiday.

The outdoor sports classes

This sports class is inspired by Pilates, yoga and ballet barre. It mixes dance moves and cardio exercises on an upbeat playlist to shape and energizes your body. This class boosts your metabolism and improves your posture for a strong and balanced body.

The class is a specific mix of bodyweight training, animal workout and calisthenics basics. It will challenge you with its multidirectional athletic techniques. Athletic Fusion® is designed to improve your mobility and agility.

White Fusion® is a relaxing class. The postures and moves are cadenced by your respiration to stretch the muscles and re-connect the body to the spirit. Be mindful of your sensations, take a moment to breathe and unwind.

For all information about the planning, the reception and the coaches are at your disposal during your stay.

(1) Service available at the Resort Barrière La Baule. Classes available from Monday to Sunday.