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Le Carl Gustaf

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In March, discover our new concept and its new decoration: Mademoiselle Gray Plage Barrière! 

Mademoiselle Gray is surprising and sparkling. She enjoys the seasons and plays with her moods. She indulges her desires, proud to be bohemian. Under the sun and the moonlight, she reflects in the blue of the Mediterranean Sea a feeling of freedom.

Mademoiselle Gray is a gourmet. What excites her taste buds are the dishes inspired by the sun and the horizon. The flavours of Mediterranean cuisine fill her up, intoxicate her, and her thousand colours dazzle and sublimate her.

Mademoiselle Gray vibrates to the rocking rhythm of the waves and electro-atmospheric music. She loves to dance at night as much as she loves to escape in the sun, lying in the sand. She is wearing a chic and elegant dress made of wood, feathers, flowers or raffia. This perfect harmony of materials and shades makes her silhouette graceful and assertive. Her personality and her universe are unique, giving everyone the possibility to surrender and dream.

Everyone remembers Mademoiselle Gray.