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The beautiful star

The Castel Marie-Louise restaurant obtains a star in the 2021 Michelin Guide

Since 35 years in the Castel Marie-Louise kitchens, the Chef Éric Mignard has always been able to amaze the taste buds, introduce new flavors and highlight the knowledge of local producers.

After having starred during 29 years, the Chef lost this precious sesame in 2015. Five years later, this distinction has successfully made a comeback
This newfound star is above all a team effort with the creativity of its Deputy Chef Jérémy Coirier and the welcoming from Lise Derboule, the Catering Manager.

Lise, daughter of a restorer and starred chef, grew up with the culture of haute cuisine. She has built her career with several Michelin-starred Chefs, especially with Stéphane Carbone where she was able to learn to highlight the flavors of the menu executed by the Chefs.

Jérémy, a native of the Pays de Loire country, begins his career in starred restaurants in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire region like Anne de Bretagne and La Butte where he won the star with the Chef. Then he joined the Castel Marie-Louise teams as Deputy Chef and formed this beautiful pairing with Eric Mignard by committing to a more environmentally friendly approach as a chef within the Ethic Océan association and by favoring local and seasonal products.

This mark of excellence is the result of the alchemy that reigns at Castel Marie-Louise and which is found on the plates thanks to a blend of flavors, creativity and generosity.