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Cinema is a permanent guest at Hotel Le Majestic with the DVD library available from the Concierge service. Watch the films as if they were your own, in the luxurious intimacy of the sumptuous Diane projection room.

Picture yourself as a jury member for the Cannes Film Festival. Watch your favourite film with a small group of up to 35 people. Experience the hi-tech and exclusive atmosphere of the private projection room at Hotel Le Majestic. Marvel at the incredible choice offered by the DVD library available from the Concierge service. Adventure films, rom-coms, children's films, blockbusters... all in various languages or with subtitles. You are the director of your film nights.

Barrière Ciné-Club

For all the movie lovers, the Hotel Le Majestic offers on Sunday evenings the "Barrière Ciné-Club" at 5.30 pm.
A great chance to finish the weekend on a glamor note in widescreen, comfortably seated in our velvet armchairs with a glass of Champagne and salty appetizers. A divine way to rediscover the seventh art!

You will also be able to visit one of our five Signature suite!

            Access to the private screening
            A glass of champagne served in the projection room with salty appetizers.
            The visit of one of our five Signature suites.
            €35 PER PERSON, MEETING AT 5.30 PM

ONLY ON RESERVATION AT +33 (0)4 92 98 77 03 FROM 9AM TO 6PM /
Reservation recommended 35 people maximum 

Dates to come soon. 

  • The projection room

  • Availability & prices on request

  • Diane projection room seats 35 spectators in optimum comfort, ideal for private screenings and previews.