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Comprising 6 sessions with 3 treatments each, this dermo-aesthetic care programme aims to tone the body by targeting subcutaneous fat, and helping skin regain its suppleness.

A consultation at the Diane Barrière Treatment & Aesthetic Medicine Centre allows us to identify issues and determine which expert treatments are the best course of action. Treatments include:

- Radio frequency: a thermal stimulation technique which boosts collagen and elastine production, making skin softer and more toned.
- Light Bath®: the stimulation of the skin via light waves. Here, red LED light is employed against cellulite to increase skin firmness.
- Vacuum massage: a vigorous massage technique involving kneading that breaks up adipose cells, followed by a drainage to eliminate them completely.
- Dual frequency ultrasound: a very high-frequency electromagnetic wave is used to help to break up deep adipose cells. This treatment is followed by a drainage to remove destroyed cells.
- Cryotherapy: a treatment in which all or part of the body is subjected to cold temperatures to firm up the body and burn calories.

- access to Spa Diane Barrière facilities after each session (aquatic circuit, swimming pool and sports rooms) to extend the effect of treatments through cleansing
- expert advice: a dietary and sporting programme is included.


  • 38 rue de Malleville
    95880 Enghien-les-Bains

  • €799 for 6 sessions - 18 treatments

  • Open from Monday to Sunday and from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. Close on holidays.

  • Consultations and treatments on appointment

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