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barthelemy Saint-Barth

1. Introduction
1. Groupe Lucien Barrière SAS runs the Barrière Hotels reservation website,
2. The customer hereby states he/she has obtained all necessary information from Groupe Lucien Barrière on this website
3. All reservations booked via imply that the customer has fully and unreservedly consulted and accepted these sales terms & conditions and the reserved price sales terms.
4. The customer grants his/her agreement to these sales terms & conditions and the reserved price sales terms at the time of the reservation; no reservations are possible without such agreement.
5. The customer may save and print these sales terms & conditions by using the standard tools on his/her computer or browser.
6. The following information is posted on the website:
• The legal notice that provides precise identification of Groupe Lucien Barrière, indicating the corporate name, head office and its value added tax registration number,
• The basic features of accommodation on offer;
• Supplementary services on offer;
• Prices;
• Payment procedures;
• The general sales terms & conditions and the reserved price sales terms;
• Valid period and price of the offer;
7. The customer, before reserving, declares that the reservation is being made for personal reasons.
8. As a consumer, the customer has specific rights, which will be challenged if the reserved services are not for personal use.
9. All the information on the website is in French as well as other foreign languages.
10. The customer hereby states he/she has full legal authority to commit to these general sales terms and conditions.

2. Definitions
The following terms having the following meaning:
“Acknowledgement of receipt”:
An electronic mail sent by to the customer summing up the details of the reservation and confirming reception by the website.
“Reservation confirmation”:
An electronic document that specifies all details of services reserved by the customer on the Internet, on which the customer enters the bank card number for an advance payment or a guarantee. Acceptance of the reservation confirmation implies the customer’s contractual commitment.
The natural person acting for his/her personal or professional needs with no relationship to the hotel business.
“Electronic mail”:
All messages, including text, vocal, sound and images, sent via a public communication network, are stored on a network server or in the recipient’s terminal, until the latter recuperates it.
“Reservation application”:
A reservation request for a hotel room made by the customer via mobile services or the Internet.
“Online reservation”:
Hotel room reservation using an electronic reservation on the website.
Hotel room reservation of which the main features are on the website.
Electronic service run by Groupe Lucien Barrière on the Internet and accessible via

3. Purpose
1. These terms and conditions explain the rights and obligations of each party for reserving services on offer on the company’s website 
2. These terms and conditions cover all steps required during reservation and after the reservation in dealings between the contracting parties.
3. The customer hereby declares he/she is aware of and accepts these sales terms & conditions and the reserved price sales terms which can be accessed on the website.

4. Scope
1. These sales terms & conditions apply to all reservations made via Internet.

5. Duration
1. These sales terms & conditions are applicable during the full period when the services are online.
2. Groupe Lucien Barrière reserves the right, without prior notice or compensation, to temporarily or definitively shut down the www.lucienbarriere.comwebsite or the online reservation service.
3. Groupe Lucien Barrière is not liable for losses of any kind which may arise from these changes and/or a temporary unavailability or the partial or definitive shut down of the website or associated services, such as the online reservation facility.

6. Reservation
1. The customer chooses the services presented on the website.
2. The customer acknowledges he/she has understood the nature, the destination and the reservation procedure of services available on the website and to have requested and obtained the necessary/complementary information to make the reservation in full knowledge of the facts.
3. The customer may, in a private capacity, reserve up to a maximum of three (3) rooms per reservation on the website.
4. The customer is responsible for his/her choice of services and the relevance of those services to his/her needs, such that Groupe Lucien Barrière cannot be held liable in any way.
5. The reservation is considered confirmed by the customer at the end of the reservation procedure.

7. Reservation procedure
1. Reservations made by the customer are made via an electronic reservation voucher, which is accessible online on the website
2. The reservation is recognised as firm from reception of the reservation voucher or application by Groupe Lucien Barrière, or during the online bank card payment.
3. Prior to any reservation, the customer undertakes to fill out the details requested on the voucher or the reservation application.
4. The customer certifies the truth and accuracy of the information provided.
5. The reservation procedure includes the following steps:
1. Step 1: find a hotel and choose the room and price;
2. Step 2: if necessary, select one or more supplementary services;
3. Step 3: check reservation details, the total price, the applicable sales terms and any changes in choice (including room, price and supplementary services), only in relation to online reservations;
4. Step 4: fill in customer details;
5. Step 5: consult and accept the general sales terms & conditions and the reserved price sales terms;
6. Step 6: the customer confirms reservation.

8. Acknowledgement of receipt of the reservation
1. The customer’s reservation is confirmed by an electronic mail showing acknowledgement of receipt.
2. Regarding online reservations, the acknowledgement of receipt electronic mail sums up the contract terms, the reserved services, the price, the sales terms & conditions relating to the chosen price and accepted by the customer, information relating to after-sales service and commercial guarantees, as well as the address of the vendor to whom the customer may submit complaints.

9. Cancelations or changes by the customer
1. The customer is reminded that, in accordance with Article L. 121-20-4 of the French consumer code, he/she has no right of withdrawal pursuant to Article L. 121-20 of the French consumer code.
2. The reserved price sales terms specify the terms for cancelling and/or changing the reservation.
3. Reservations paid in advance cannot be changed and/or cancelled. Amounts paid in advance will not be refunded. This is mentioned in the sales terms & conditions for the price.
4. When the reserved sales terms & conditions for the price allow:
- the reservation may be cancelled directly online on the website in the “View or cancel your reservation” section;
- changes to the reservation can be made directly with the hotel, the telephone number of which is in the reservation confirmation electronic mail).
5. In case of an interruption during the stay, the entire amount will be charged. In the case of reservation with payment in advance, no refunds will be possible.
6. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, the customer must leave the room at 12.00pm on the last day of the stay. Otherwise, the customer will be charged an extra night.

10. Stay at the hotel
1. In accordance with current regulations in certain countries, the customer may be requested to fill out a police form on arrival at the hotel. The customer may have to present proof of identity to check if the police form needs to be filled out.
2. Certain hotels welcome some animals providing they are kept on a lead or in cages in all public areas of the hotel (to see if animals are welcome or not in the hotel you wish to reserve, please see the hotel details on For reasons of hygiene, animals are not accepted in the restaurants.
3. The customer accepts and undertakes to use the room as a good householder. As such, any behaviour contrary to proper standards of behaviour and public order will force the hotel manager to ask the customer to leave the hotel without any compensation or refund if payment has already been made.
4. Certain hotels have House Rules for customers. The customer accepts and undertakes to comply with said rules. If the customer does not follow the House Rules, the hotel will have to invite the customer to leave without any compensation or refund if payment has already been made.

11. Guarantees
1. The Hotels are bound by the “service compliance guarantee” pursuant to the terms of Articles L. 212-1 and s. of the French Consumer Code.

12. Liability
1. Photographs on the website are not under contract. Even if the best efforts were made on the photographs, graphics and text presenting the hotels give as accurate view as possible of the accommodation services on offer, variations can occur, notably in the case where furniture has been changed or in the case of renovations. Any customer complaints due to such variations shall be rejected.
2. Groupe Lucien Barrière cannot be held liable for non-fulfilment or wrong execution of the reservation due to force majeure, or actions of the customer, third parties or its partners such as Internet network malfunction, impossibility to access the website, outside intrusion, computer virus or in the case of payment in advance refusal from the bank.
3. Groupe Lucien Barrière cannot be held liable for any indirect losses arising in relation to these terms and conditions, notably operating losses due to a third party, due to the customer or partners.
4. Links can send customers to other websites than the Groupe Lucien Barrière website, which is not responsible for the contents of these websites or the services on offer.
5. Any reservations or payments which are irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent for a motive relating to the customer will lead to cancelation of the reservation at the customer’s expense, notwithstanding any civil or criminal action that may be taken against the customer.

13. Prices
1. The prices for the service reservation are indicated before and during reservation.
2. The prices indicated are per room for the number of person(s) and the selected date(s).
3. The prices are confirmed to the customer include VAT, in the hotels commercial currency, and are only valid for the period of time indicated on the website.
4. If the hotel charges in a different currency than that on the reservation confirmation, the exchange costs are charged to the customer.
5. All reservations, regardless of origin, are payable in the hotel’s local currency, unless otherwise stated in the hotel.
6. Unless specifically provided, supplementary services (including breakfast, half-board, full-board etc.) are not included in the price.
7. The Tourist Tax, indicated for each price, must be paid directly at the hotel, except for online payments in advance where the related amount may be included.
8. Prices include VAT applicable as at the reservation date and any changes to the applicable VAT rate will be automatically added to the indicated prices as at the invoice date.
9. Any modifications or new legal taxes or regulations imposed by the competent authorities will be automatically added to the indicated prices as at the invoice date.
10. The foreign exchange rates are only an indication and are non-binding. Only currency confirmed during reservation is guaranteed (if this currency is different from that used at the hotel, any exchange costs will be charged to the customer).
11. If a price involves payment at the hotel on arrival or departure at the end of the stay, and the customer’s currency is not the same as the currency used by the hotel, the price charged by the hotel may differ from the price sent to the customer on reservation in view of any exchange rate fluctuations between the date of reservation and the date of the stay at the hotel.
12. Groupe Lucien Barrière will indicate the total value of the order during customer reservation confirmation.
13. Prices may be increased due to various taxes depending on the country/town. The customer undertakes to pay such taxes, without making any complaint to Groupe Lucien Barrière.

14. Payment
1. The customer provides bank details as a guarantee of reservation, except in the case of special terms or prices, by giving the credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club etc.) directly indicating, in the payment section (entries secured by Secured Sockets Layer encryption), the number of the card, without any spaces between numbers, as well as the expiry date and the visual cryptogram in the payment section via the secure payment platform.
2. The payment will be debited during reservation
3. Groupe Lucien Barrière chooses a third party (Payment Service Provider) for secure online payments by bank card. The payment card’s validity is checked by this company. The card may be refused for several reasons including stolen card, blocked card, limit exceeded or typing error etc. In case of problems, the customer should contact his/her bank and the hotel to confirm the reservation and payment method.
4. During payment in advance, the amount debited on reservation includes the cost of accommodation and taxes thereon, catering costs if breakfast is included and taxes thereon, and all other supplementary services chosen by the customer excluding tourist tax.

15. Respect for private life
1. The details requested from the customer are necessary to treat the order and to send information about Groupe Lucien Barrière products and services. The details are communicated to Groupe Lucien Barrière, to its entities, the online payment company, to Groupe Lucien Barrière hotels that may be located outside the European Union to take pre-contractual steps in view of the hotel reservation. If information is incomplete, Groupe Lucien Barrière cannot record the reservation.
2. Regarding online payment in particular, customer bank details must be sent by the online payment company to the hotel’s bank to execute the hotel reservation contract. The customer is informed that this transfer of data may take place in a foreign country which may not have a personal data protection system in accordance with the French data protection act (loi Informatique et Libertés). The customer nevertheless agrees to the data transfer in order to execute the contract. The payment company has undertaken to Groupe Lucien Barrière to take all security measures and to respect the confidentiality of the said data transfer.

16. Convention of proof
1. Input of the bank data required and acceptance of these general sales terms and conditions and the reservation voucher or application, gives rise to an electronic signature, which between the parties, is as legally valid as a handwritten signature.
2. The computer databases held in the Groupe Lucien Barrière information systems shall be retained in accordance with appropriate conditions of security and they shall be considered as proof for communication, orders and payments between the parties.

17. Relocation
1. If the hotel chosen is not available or in the event of force majeure, the hotel reserves the right to accommodate the customer, for the entire or part of the reservation, in an equivalent category hotel for the same type of services, and all costs arising from the transfer will be borne by the hotel chosen, which cannot be held liable for any additional compensation.

18. Force majeure
1. The customer cannot hold Groupe Lucien Barrière liable in the event it does not perform its obligations due to a force majeure event. Force majeure or unforeseeable events are deemed to be those usually recognised by French courts and tribunals.

19. Jurisdiction
1. These general sales terms and conditions are governed by French law.
2. The same applies for substantive rules as well as to procedural rules.

20. Completeness
1. These general sales terms and conditions, the sales terms and conditions for the customer’s reserved price, and the reservation voucher or application express all obligations of the parties.
2. No general or specific condition communicated by the customer may be included in these general terms and conditions.
3. The documents containing the binding undertakings between the parties, in descending order of priority, are the reservation voucher or application (including the specific terms and conditions for the reserved price) and these general terms and conditions.
4. In the event of a discrepancy between the reservation voucher and the general terms and conditions, the provisions stated on the reservation voucher shall solely apply for the obligation in question.

21. Changes to the Internet General Sale Terms & Conditions
1. These Internet Sales terms & Conditions can be changed and/ or completed by Groupe Lucien Barrière at any time. If so, Groupe Lucien Barrière will put the new version of the Internet General Sales terms & Conditions online. Once the new version is online, the new Internet General Sales terms & Conditions will be automatically applied to every customer.

22. Mediation
If the client has contacted customer service but not received a satisfactory response within 60 days, he or she may refer the matter to the French Tourism and Travel Mediation group, whose contact details are as follows:

   Médiation Tourisme et Voyage (French Tourism and Travel Mediation group)
   - Postal address: MTV Médiation Tourisme et Voyage BP 80303 – 75823 PARIS CEDEX 17
   - Email :
   - Information:

Please see all the supplementary sales terms & conditions linked to each price, type of room or service on the price list.

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