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Overlooking the Atlantic, in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, a new Hermitage has opened its doors in Spring 2017, after extensive renovation work. Don't wait more to discover it.


Built in 1926 by François André, L’Hermitage is part of Barrière's legendary hotel collection. This luxury hotel quickly started attracting well-known faces from Parisian society, charmed by its pleasant ambiance and authentic elegance. The ambitious André was quick to co-finance the London-Deauville-La Baule air link in 1937, to bring over British golf enthusiasts. Just in front of the Hermitage, cars raced on the beach in events that attracted the biggest drivers of the 1930s... As well as being a distinctive building with the allure of a secluded country house, L'Hermitage is an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of the great figures of history: Winston Churchill, the Agha Khan, Sacha Guitry, Aristotle Onassis, Maurice Chevalier...

There was only one guiding principle behind the renovation of this legendary building: "The legacy of the French art of living." The aim was to respect the soul and personality of the hotel while instilling the space with a new, modern twist. Interior designer Chantal Peyrat, who has been working with Barrière for some years, led the project. The talented, effervescent designer remodelled the entrance and reception area of the Gray d'Albion Cannes, redesigned the Casino Barrière Cassis and totally renovated L'Hôtel du Golf Deauville in 2013, as well as the Royal La Baule in 2014. She designed the spaces with harmonious elegance and offers an atmosphere that is both modern and relaxed, for moments of total serenity.

At L’Hermitage, Chantal Peyrat has opted for a "cosmopolitan, convivial and elegant" style for the new Lobby, the Evens bar, the garden, the Grand Café, the Rooms and Suites and the Spa Diane Barrière.

For Dominique Desseigne, the Chief Executive Officer of the Barrière group, this new renovation project is highly significant: "L’Hermitage is assuming a special dimension. Legend has it that the Group's founder, François André, took one look before deciding to create the hotel in 1923. In July 1926, the hotel overlooked the sea majestically and remains today one of our most beautiful treasures. 90 years later, we decided to restore this iconic La Baule landmark to its former splendour, with a modern twist."

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