Enjoy elegant relaxation in a wide taupe armchair with a magnificent view of the green. On the terrace in summer or by the fireside in winter, delight in small, traditional dishes and flavoursome refreshments – all-out pleasures in a radiant setting.

Enjoy a fragrant tea and appreciate the view of the green before taking to the course. Try a gourmet salad while waiting for a future golf partner. Share a platter of cured meats or cheeses with friends or family. Joyful, lively wines accompany superb grilled entrecôtes. Comfortably seated by the fireside or on the large terrace in summer, the warm atmosphere of the Club House at Barrière Golf Deauville gradually takes over.

  • Le restaurant du Club-House Deauville
    14 800 Deauville

  • Open at lunch time from noon to 4 p.m and for light snacks from noon to 5 p.m