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Le Carl Gustaf

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Treat yourself to a luxury adventure on the Channel and rent a magnificent sailing boat at Deauville marina. For 3 hours, a day, or a weekend, sample the pleasures of the open sea.

Let a large, elegant sailing boat carry you away. Rely on the experience of a highly qualified Skipper. Clear your mind and set out to sea. The D-Day landing beaches soon slip past before your eyes, and the ports of the Côte Fleurie recede, becoming small dots in the distance. In the refined atmosphere on board, let the lapping water soothe you. Perhaps you'll be tempted by a trip out on a motor boat on your return to Deauville marina... If you have a licence, set off in complete freedom. If not, Krischarter offers you the chance to take the coastal version over a weekend.

Treat yourself to a sea trip on board our beautiful yachts...Motor boat, yacht rental:

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