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Barrière’s Hotels in Cannes will be launching their very first “Petit VIP Academy”, a fun, exciting and educational activity that is available exclusively to their youngest guests.

A far cry from traditional private lessons, this highly original teaching approach combines games, experimentation, artistically focused workshops and sports activities.

Learning while having fun enables all participants to slowly catch up on everything they have been unable to do during two months of lockdown.

At both Le Majestic and Le Gray d’Albion, Le Studio by Petit VIP will be offering their 4-12-year-old guests 5-star activities centred around innovative and stimulating workshops in which the ten major art forms take centre stage. The only motto at play here is: “Think big!”.

Thanks to a personalised approach, escape games in English and times tables worked out in the wet sand, the “Petit VIP Academy” and its fully qualified teachers will be offering tailored teaching that will be bring out the very best in every child. As they discover unexpected new skills and talents in different subjects, each child will realise their true potential and flourish. Taught by seriously minded experts who don’t take themselves seriously, lessons at the “Petit VIP Academy” bear little resemblance to more formal classes as the school-based content is always approached from a fun perspective and in settings that are truly stunning.

‘Taking its inspiration from the Montessori model, the Petit VIP’s method enables simplified interaction between children and teachers which encourages “working together” rather than the “making you do it” approach whereby pupils are often left to do their homework on their own. This method encourages children to reflect on the world around them through stimulating activities focusing on science, nature, society and its history, as well as cultures and civilisations. Instilling in each and every child a desire and pleasure in learning through a fun games-based approach is at the heart of our mission. By focusing on effort, progress and skills, children become aware of their abilities and develop their own self-confidence’, explains Ladislas Boehm, founder of Petit VIP*.

The Petit VIP Academy is available to all of Le Majestic and Le Gray d'Albion’s guests, priced at €50 per session or €200 per week.

*The Petit VIP company specialises in the development of concepts for children and rewards the excellence of tourism professionals offering family-focused activities.