Relish a relaxed and spellbinding lunch beside the Channel. Savour simple cuisine and quality produce. Mussels, seafood and grilled fish are all on the menu, served on charming large family-style tables.

See life through blue-tinted glasses. Navy armchairs match the sea, while azure tablecloths complement the sky. Experience the wonderful sight of opulent seafood platters. While children laugh on the beach and play in the sand, try flavoursome langoustines and breathe in the sea air. Or opt for a gourmet salad and save yourself for a rum baba or a banana, passion fruit and milk dessert. Culinary delights are guaranteed on the Planches boardwalk, at the foot of the Barrière Casino Deauville. There's no reason to resist.

  • Rue Edmond Blanc, 14802 Deauville

  • 02 31 88 27 51

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